June 6, 2007

Welcome to my rat blog / rattery website. I have owned rats since January 2007 and cannot ever imagine being without them. They are fantastic little creatures – so full of life and with their own unique personalities and so much fun. In the future I would love to breed rats – specifically Black and Champagne self and marked. So I decided I may as well set up a website now so it might actually be indexed by the time I start breeding! I have chosen to do it on a WordPress platform as the blog will ensure it gets updated regularly and WordPress allows me to add pages so I can have a proper website and it’s free! Woohoo! When/if I do start breeding this site will be updated with new litters and planned litters, and the news from the rattery, but for now it will simply revolve around my pet rats and I will add pages about rat care and how I look after my rats.


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