Cleanout day

June 7, 2007

Thursday is rat cage clean out day today so at 7 o’ clock that was what i was doing. The rats are cleaned out once a week, which consists of removing all the substrate from the bottom of the cage and the litter out of the trays, hoovering up the dust left behind, then wiping everything down with soap-free soapy water, then putting it all back together. I am currently using carefresh as my substrate and litter, though normally I use cardboard squares. My last bale has run out though and I need to get some online as no-where local sells it. Grr! It’s brilliant bedding – £5 a bale which lasts me about 4 months, compared to £3.19 for a bag of carefresh which I use all of on one clean out! They have toilet roll in their beds, which I let them shred themselves by just giving them a toilet roll – they love doing that and I also give them a big pile of shredded paper if we’ve got any floating around. They have a box to use as a bed and a couple of tea-towel hammocks as well as sleeping in their litter-tray baskets! Nutters. Beacuse my rats are disgusting and wee and poo on their shelves I have to wipe down their shelves two or three times in between cleans, but generally once a week is fine for a full clean out. It normally takes me about an hour to do, including hoovering up the mess I made afterwards!


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