Free Range time

June 8, 2007

Free Range time is very important for rats. They are very intelligent and need mental and physical stimulation to stay happy. My rats are let out for at least an hour every day, sometimes for longer. They have a play area that is a section of our bedroom corderned off with two sheets of perspex. This gives them a safe place to play where they can’t chew wires or fall off shelves and injure themselves. They have access to the cage and can get on top of the wardrobe and up on the window sill. I have some tubes and a wine rack for them to play in, but they seem to prefer climbing all over me and chasing each other around. They are let out in the evening when they are most active and occasionally during the day if they’re awake. If they’re let out during the day they are still let out in the evening as if they aren’t Treacle and Doughnut start chewing the bars in protest as soon as the light’s out. Spike gets let out whenever h’s awake and i’m in the bedroom. He is allowed on the bed and the computer desk. His cage opens out onto the desk and we put up a ramp to the bed. He’s often awake in the mornings so he come out in the mornings quite a bit, especially at the weekends. He’s very good and unlike the girls, doesn’t attempt to get onto the floor and escape.

 I have just added another video, of them climbing up me from the floor, to my youtube page.


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