Last day with Spike

June 13, 2007

Spike is off to his new home tomorrow. I’ve put the bedding in the carrier, organised wet foods for him to eat on the way, printed out the address and telephone number of where i’m going and the route from aa autoroute, as well as going shopping in Tesco to buy goodies for me to munch.

I had him out on the bed this afternoon and did a little video of him (which I will add to youtube later) and felt really sad that he’s going. I was very very tempted to lie to the girl he’s going to and pretend he has to stay here for some reason or other. But I didn’t, as she’s got a lone boy waiting for a friend. I’m still sad he’s going – he’s a nutter, everything i’ve read has said boy rats are really chilled and laid back, but this one isn’t. He doesn’t stop when he’s out and is always ready to come out to play. I reckon he’s making up for lost time being in the pet shop for so long.

We are going 265 miles tomorrow, from Wick to Edinburgh and he is then travelling to Manchester on Friday evening and being collected on Sunday to go to his forever home. I’m looking forward to seeing pics of him settled in. It’s been great having him, but I don’t think i’d be any good at fostering – everything that arrived would stay!


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