Training rats

June 28, 2007

It is pretty common knowledge that rats are very intelligent. They can be trained to use a litter tray and also to come when called. Rats can even be taught to do agility with similar obstacles to dog’s agility!

 I have decided to attempt to train my four. The first thing i’m attempting is to teach is to come when called. I’m doing this with a bag of yoggie drops. They are slowly learning that the rustle of the yoggie drop bag means they get a treat and they love them. Treacle and Charlotte have picked it up really quickly, then Tinkerbell and lastly Doughnut, but they are getting there. When they come consistently to the bag rustling i’m going to add a voice command and hopefully be able to teach them to come just to the voice command. I also have a clicker used for dog training, but several people have used a clicker successfully with rat training, so i’m going to have a try with that too.

The next thing is to get Steve to make some agility obstacles for them to try!


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