National Fancy Rat Society

July 2, 2007

My membership pack for the NFRS arrived on Saturday. It contained a smart little binder, a rat care sheet, show rules and regulations and a copy of the newsletter Pro-Rat-a. I haven’t read all of the newsletter yet, i’ve been away for the weekend, but there seems to be some interesting articles in there. I have also registered for the forum, so just waiting for my registration to be confirmed.

As I said, i’ve been away for the weekend, so the girls have been in Steve’s capable hands. They’ve had great fun running circles round him. He let them out on Saturday evening, put up the perspex that keeps them in their area of the bedroom and went out for 5 minutes to the bathroom. He came back in and settled down on my PC when he heard a rustle and Treacle poked her nose up behind the computer – which isn’t in the rat’s area! Then he looked and the other three were out of their area too! How did they get out? Well – silly Stevie hadn’t pulled the perspex up to the wall and had left a little gap. The girls must’ve thought it was Christmas come early!


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