Two new Rats

July 3, 2007

My rat numbers increased to six today. One of our friends called us last night to say he’d seen an advert for two female rats free to a good home on a local website. I called the number and they were still available – two female rats, about 4 months old, purchased from the pet shop in Wick, one black and white and the other a sandy colour. She was getting rid of them because she’d just got two new kittens who wouldn’t leave the rats alone and were scaring them, and because of the kittens she couldn’t let the rats out.I’m not sure why she couldn’t let the rats out and shut the kittens out of the room, but there we go – she had obviously changed her mind about rats being the pets for her.

I collected them today after work and the poor things were being kept in a Hamster cage! They are both pretty out-going though not too keen on being picked up. They’ve already been out for a run on the bed and are happy to climb over my hands. The ‘sandy’ coloured one is a Silver Fawn, who we’ve re-named Mustard the black hoody we’ve re-named Pepper, continuing with the food theme!

I will try and get some photos soon, i’m just waiting for them to settle in a bit first.


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