New rat video

July 4, 2007

I took Mustard and Pepper out for free-range time on the bed this evening, just led down with them and they were both quite happy to climb on me and get in my sleeves – they seem to be settling in really quick. They really don’t like getting picked up so I have been picking them up while they were out, just for a second or two then putting them down, so they get used to it. I tried to get some photos but they were moving about too fast, so I got a dodgy video instead. Here it is:

I’m looking forward to getting them in the Tommy with the girls because they don’t seem particularly sociable with each other, I haven’t seen them snuggled up together yet, so i’m hoping they’ll find a friend in my current group to snuggle with. When I had just Treacle and Charlotte I would often find them sleeping alone, but now if one decides they want to be by themselves, the other one still has someone to cuddle. Currently, Mustard is in a hammock and Pepper in the plastic house.


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