All the rats are in together

July 5, 2007

Today is clean out day so I thought seeing as I was doing a clean out i’d start intros with the girls and Mustard and Pepper. First of all we all went into the bathroom (neutral territory) for about half an hour during which time, the original four rats barely noticed the two new ones, they were that busy exploring the bathroom. So I loaded them all into the carrier and then let them out in the play pen. There was a bit of humping, mostly Tinkerbell and Doughnut chasing Pepper and Mustard, but not a single squeek, so I put them all in the cage but left the door open and settled back to see what happened. Not a lot! Mustard and Pepper charged around like nutters scaling the cage and the other four settled down in their hammocks or ate some food. I reckon on total it was about two hours from first intro-ing in the bathroom to closing the door on them this evening.

When i came back up this evening Pepper was in the tube hammock with Treacle and Charlotte and Mustard was starfishing. Mustard is a nutter – she is really quick and always seems to be awake and wanting to come out. They still don’t like being picked up but have learnt that sleeves are ratty transport portals so are happy to come that way.

They all seem to be getting on fine, far less squeaking and pinning than when I intro’d Tinkerbell and Doughnut to Charlotte and Treacle. I will keep a close eye on them all over the next week or so, but I think they will be fine.


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