Skinny ratty

July 8, 2007

My new rat, Mustard is a skinny little rat. I don’t think any of my girls are particularly big and Mustard is about half the size of Charlotte and Doughnut who are my biggest two. I did try to weight them but they got freaked out by the bowl wobbling on top of the scales. I have found a set in Argos that is just a flat plate and not a bowl, so I will get them and hopefully that will make things easier. As well as tracking Mustard’s weight, it will also be interesting to find out the exact weight of the other 5.

To fatten her up a bit I have put three bowls of Shunamite Diet in the cage, so she will have plenty of access to dried food and I will also make sure they get plenty of carbohydrates in their fresh food bowl. I will hopfully get their weights tomorrow, so i’ll post them when I get them.


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