July 10, 2007

I discovered yesterday that skinny little Mustard can get out of the cage through the bars. To be honest, i’m not surprised – i’m just glad I was awake when she did it and she didn’t get out of the bedroom and downstairs!

I came back up from my shower and said goodnight to them all and could only count 5 little rats munching on their tea so was looking round when I noticed Mustard running along the table the cage is on. I caught her and put her back in, hoping in vain i’d not shut her back in when I put them away after free-ranging. And then watched her charge up the cage, have a good chew on the bars then happily walk through them and down the outside of the cage! Last night she was a free-range rat, I put up the perspex of the pen, shut the window and the door and she was quite safe. She was still out this morning running around, but had took herself back to bed by the time I came to see them after eating my breakfast, and she was in the cage this evening when I got in from work. Today I bought some wire mesh to put on the outside of the cage, and hopefully she’ll start getting fatter soon!


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