Rat weights

July 12, 2007

I eventually managed to convince all six rats that sitting on the scales was a good idea – I think it had something to do with the yoggie dops offered as bribes! – and I now have weights for them all. They aren’t exact as they wouldn’t sit still for long enough but they’re close enough.

  • Treacle – 348g
  • Charlotte – 339g
  • Doughnut – 339g
  • Tinkerbell – 323g
  • Pepper – 270g
  • Mustard – 223g

It surprised me that Treacle is the heaviest, I though it would be Doughnut or Charlotte and I thought both of them would be heavier than Treacle. I’m actually pretty pleased at their weights. They’re a good size but none of them are fat, just healthy solid rats.

They are now getting high protein meals more regularly to build up Pepper and Mustard, though not every day as I really don’t want my older girls suffering from too much protein. Tonight they have had nature’s menu dog food mixed with some mashed potato.


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