Hot Chocolate

July 19, 2007

My girls shared my hot chocolate yesterday! I sat on the floor with the mug in my hand and they climbed up my arm and stretched up from my lap to peer in the cup. Doughnut put her nose in, then Tinkerbell thought she’d put her foot in it, but it was a bit hot, so she jumped out, leaving a trail of hot chocolate down my jeans! When i’d finished it and it had cooled down a bit I laid the mug on it’s side and let them get in for a taste. Doughnut was well impressed, she put her nose in and then was really cute, taking little sips, then licking her lips, then putting her nose in again. Treacle and Pepper had some too, but it was Doughnut who was most impressed.

I would not normally feed them chocolate and I would never let them have a lot of Hot Chocolate. As with us, the high fat and sugar content isn’t good for them.


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