July 25, 2007

New rat Pepper is trouble! Just this evening, she was climbing around on the radiator when a bit fell off, so she picked up the bit of metal and stashed it somewhere! Last I saw of it she had it in her mouth and she was heading up the side of the cage.

Steve is sporting a nice scratch on his face beacuse of her as well. She likes faces. When she’s sat on our shoulders she has to groom our eyebrows, bite our ears, pear up our noses etc etc. Yesterday evening, Steve made her day and led on the floor on his back, so his face was even easier to climb on. She spent the evening climbing on his head and putting her feet up his nose! Then she decided to do a flying leap at his nose from the floor. All Steve saw was a blur heading towards him, so he pulled away as she landed, leaving her claws scraping down his face. Oops!

Both her and Mustard are getting braver. Pepper is now reasonably easy to pick up and Mustard will happily climb onto me, but doesn’t like getting picked up. Poor Mustard also has really really bad eyesight. All rats have bad eyesight, and pink-eyed rats are worse off than black-eyed ones. Pink-eyed rats will often sway their heads in an attempt to focus, and Mustard does it an awful lot, more than Charlotte who also has pink eyes. I think this may contribute to her being jumpy. She’s settling in though and even getting a bit bigger.


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