A new toy

July 28, 2007

We have been decorating – well, actually my father in law has! lol – over the last week, so the last two days we have been unable to let the girls out to play because the door frame has had wet paint. They have been out for individual cuddles, but not all out to play on the floor. They have been very good and not been extra noisy in the evenings, though someone has taken to chewing the litter tray!

 Today I let them out at about 8 0’clock and all but Mustard and Treacle have taken themselves back to the cage to eat corn on the cob (it’s now 9.52).  I think as long as they have a large enough cage to play around in, they don’t seem to mind too much if they don’t get let out everyday, not that I would advocate not letting them out regularly. They have got a new toy to play with tonight too. Steve got hold of a load of plumbing fittings for £1 each and has joined them all together to make a maze type thing. It looks brill, I will get a photo. It’s so funny watching them – they were all so wary at first, looking at it and sniffing, but it only took about 5 minutes before curiosity got the better of Treacle and she was inside the tubes exploring. She was closely followed by Pepper – intrepid explorer that she is.


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