Meeting the family

August 8, 2007

My rats have been doing their bit for rat awareness and charming my family! Steve’s mum was very taken with them while she stayed. She was happy to stroke them and watch them and kept commenting on how well they were looked after as I was filling up their fresh food bowl in the evening!

My sister is staying at the moment, and she is getting brave and actually letting them climb on her. Mustard is her favourite, she groomed my sister’s fingernails for her! My Aunt and Uncle are also touring the Highlands at the moment and they came to visit yesterday evening before we went out for a meal and my aunt was fascinated by them. Everyone comments on how big the cage is – wait till I get the aviary I want to get!

It’s also really good for the rats to meet strangers, they are slowly getting less freaked out by visitors which is good. It is good practice for them if I ever get them to a rat show.


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