Nesting in the hammock

August 14, 2007

I came in to my bedroom after work today to find this:

Pet Rat in hammock covered in shredded paper

Yes, the loopy nutcases have dragged nearly all the shredded paper from the bottom of the cage up to the top and put it on their ‘tube hammock’. The hammock is simply a tea towel folded unevenly in half to create a little tube they can get into. They love it, I often find all 6 rats piled in it. Today Doughnut and Mustard were in the tube bit and Treacle, Charlotte, Tinkerbell and Pepper were all on top!

On a not so nice note – Mustard bit me today! I put my hand in the hammock after taking the above photo, just stroking Doughnut and Mustard grabbed hold of my finger and pulled! She didn’t draw blood so I guess she didn’t mean it really. I’m guessing she was having a blind moment and thought I was food!


2 Responses to “Nesting in the hammock”

  1. Tale Says:

    I’ve “secretly” been keeping an eye on your blog, I hope you don’t mind.

    What a great, funny picture! I can hardly find a rat at all in between all the shredded paper. :-p

  2. northernlightsrattery Says:

    Yay! I have a reader, how cool is that! Thanks very much for your comment, I will check out your website too.

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