August 18, 2007

I weighed Mustard again yesterday. She’s gone from 223g up to about 250g. I was hoping she’s got heavier than that, but wasn’t really surprised she’s only gained a small amount of weight. She’s very active and doesn’t seem to be particularly ‘foody’. I want to get her up to the 270g mark which is what Pepper was when she first arrived. I reckon when she’s got to 270g she shouldn’t be able to get out of the bars and I can take the evil mesh off of the cage!

She’s getting so much better at being handled now though. She’s still not too keen and if she’s in the cage she’ll grab hold of the bars if I lift her, but I can still get her out, she does let go eventually! As I said, she’s a very active rat. I only have to open the door and she’s there coming over to try and get out, and she’s often awake during the day when the older, lazier ones (Doughnut and Tinks) are still asleep.


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