New toys and cage layout

September 2, 2007

I’ve been busy today re-arranging the rat cage and putting in some new toys. I took the mesh off today too – hooray, fingers crossed Mustard won’t be able to get out. By taking the mesh off i could get the top of the cage off the base and get to everything to take it off and give it a good clean as well as wiping down the bars. I’ve ben thinking for ages about getting rid of the shelves, because they are horrible. They are extendable but the rat pee gets between the two parts of the shelf and they end up smelly, the clips are rubbish and flimsy too so I don’t like to take them off the cage in case the clips fall apart!! So I binned them today, I was going to sell them or swap them but even after disinfecting they still smelled, so they got chucked in the dustbin.

Everything was given a thorough clean and I changed the way I put some things back in. I had been securing most things with cable ties but they need to be cut off each time anything is taken off and I was getting through loads of cable ties, so this time everything I need to take out to clean has been secured on paper clip chains. I also bought them some new bits – a climbing rope, a ladder with wooden things dangling off it and a tube. I thought about getting them a wheel, but i’m really not sure if they’ll use it so i got things I knew they’d use. I may get a wheel when i have more money. I also changed their food bowls to coop cups, as I wouldn’t have the shelves to put them on and got rid of one of the large baskets – it was just taking up too much space. Here are some pics:

The whole cage

Rat cage

The top

Rat cage detail - top

The middle

rat cage detail - middle

The bottom

rat cage detail - bottom

They went nuts exploring when I put them back in. I got a video of them charging around. Pepper was the first one up to the top of course, closely followed by Treacle. I’ll upload the video later and post a link when it’s done.


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