Foster Rats

September 7, 2007

There has recently been a post on the Fancy Rats forum from a rescue in Aberdeen called PAWSS regarding a large number of rats removed from a house in Aberdeen by the SSPCA. They were calling for fosterers or transporters so I have offered my services. Next Saturday I am going down to collect two or three female ratties for fostering. They have been roaming free within the house from what I can gather, males mixed in with females, so it is likely some of the females will be pregnant. I have decided I can probably cope with two litters, so if they are unsure whether the girls are pregnant or not I will only take two and if they are certain that some of them aren’t preggers then the plan is to take one that is and two that aren’t so they can keep each other company.

I have been planning for their arrival by purchasing cages from ebay. I have the Mary the adults can go into to start with, and I am going to get a rody tank from work as a birthing cage. I have just purchased a Jenny cage from ebay which they can go into when their eyes open and I will then need to get another cage which I can separate the baby boys into at 4.5 weeks.

I am really looking forward to being able to help out and in a way I am looking forward to raising a litter or two, which i know is bad and it will be better for the rats in question if they aren’t pregnant. There have been a few big rescues recently which forum members have been involved in but all have been down south so I haven’t been able to help out at all. I just feel incredibly lucky that PAWSS are happy for me to take on the temporary care of these needy ratties.


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