Foster rats are here!

September 15, 2007

I collected my three foster ratties from PAWSS today. I stayed with family in Drumnadrochit (loch ness) last night so the trip down to Aberdeen wasn’t so long this morning and arrived about 11.15am. I couldn’t believe the number of rats they had there – there was a cage of young girls, plus a cage of about 8 that were pregnant?/not pregnant? as well as the males and a mum with a litter.

I have got one black hoody who is definitely pregnant and two roan girlies who don’t look pregnant. I’m going to give them another week just to be sure before I start advertising them for re-homing. They are all ever so friendly, particularly one of the roan girlies, but they are all happy to climb out of the cage onto us and show no signs of nervousness whatsoever. They are going to be great pets for somebody. I have called the two roan girls Fogwatt and Barmuckity after the names of two places I saw whilst going to Aberdeen. Barmuckity in particular I thought was brilliant! Mummy doesn’t have a name yet – i’m sure she’ll have one soon. She is already in the birthing tank as she was getting a bit grumpy with Barmuckity earlier and as I don’t know when she’s due I thought it was better to be safe. She seems happy at the moment – stuffing her face lol.

I’m going to treat them for mites as they’re all a bit scratchy and one of the other rats there was covered in scabs and I also need to get Barmuckity to the vets as she is sneezing and her breathing is a bit clicky, but hopefully that will soon clean up and I can start looking for a forever home.


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