Sugar’s still pregnant!!

September 19, 2007

Sugar hasn’t popped yet! She seems to be getting bigger by the day – I reckon if she doesn’t give birth soon she’ll just explode! Me and Steve have a bet going when she’ll have her babies. I win a fiver if she has them before 6am tomorrow. So fingers crossed for baby rats soon.

I took some more pictures of her out playing on the bed. She has been restricted to just the bed to play as she was attempting to balance along the top of the perspex last night from the computer desk and i’m terrified she’s going to hurt herself! Anyway, pics…

Pregnant fancy rat

pregnant fancy rat

Looks like a little furry pear doesn’t she??

I took Burmickity and Fogwatt to the vets yesterday – they were both ever so brave and confident, coming out the carrier on their own and climbing over the vet! He listened to their chests which sound fine so confirmed they do have a respiratory infection, but luckily just in their noses and/or throats so prescribed them some baytril – 0.05ml twice a day. They are getting it in digestive biscuit balls and have so far taken it fine.


One Response to “Sugar’s still pregnant!!”

  1. Dear Laura,

    Please can you get in touch with me regarding a copyright request (we would like to use one of your photographs in an exam paper).

    I look forward to hearing from you.

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