Rat baby pics

September 22, 2007

Baby rats are born naked and helpless, blind and with their ears folded down. They depend entirely on their mother’s milk for the first couple of weeks, during which time their fur grows. Their eyes open at approximately 14 ish days old. Some babies start to move about and try a bit of solid food before this time, but others don’t start to explore until they can see where they’re going! Baby rats can be handled daily from birth, it is proven to reduce stress and stress related illness in later life.

These pictures were taken just over 24 hours after they were born. The pale bands you can see around their tummy is the milk band. Their skin is so thin you can see their tummy contents! A milk band is very important – it shows that the babies are being fed by mum.

 Baby rats - 24 hours old

baby rats 24 hours old pink eyed

baby rats in their nest - 24 hours old

I was only brave enough to pick up two – they are so tiny and I was afraid I would squash them but I will pick them all up today. They are already growing, I must remember to weigh them. There ears have now unfurled and their markings are already showing on the black eyed bubs. I definitely have black hoodies and I’m also pretty sure I have roans. Potential Dads were cream hooded or an Agouti vari dumbo. I’m assuming the cream is Champagne, so I reckon my pink eyed ones are champagne hooded.

More piccies later!


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