Baby rats – day 3

September 23, 2007

I was brave and took all 11 baby rats out yesterday to have a look at them. And of course took some pics:

baby fancy rats - day 3

baby fancy rats - day 3

You can see how defined their markings are getting now. The one facing the opposite direction to the rest in the bottom pic is a roan.

I was talking last night to a breeder who took on 2 mums from the same rescue. Her two had 29 babies between them! I’m so glad Sugar only had 11. Her first mum to give birth also decided to ignore her babies for the first two days but they were happily fed by the other doe and one of her own does who had given birth a week or so before helped out as well!

I was a bit worried that Sugar would decide she didn’t want to be a mum – I have no idea if she has been before and I know that in the wild several rats in a colony will feed different babies and I know Sugar and the group she was with were living free in their old home. There have been several big rescues recently involving large groups of rats and some of the mums have not been interested in looking after their babies, presumably used to their being other rats about to help out! Luckily Sugar is doing great so far!


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