Baby rats – day 4

September 23, 2007

I checked on the babies again this afternoon and weighed them. I didn’t weigh them individually, just weighed the pot I put them in with and without baby rats, then divided the difference between 11. The average weight is 10.6g which, according to the kitten growth survey on Fancy Rats, is fine. Here are pictures:

Baby fancy rats - day 4

A tub full of baby rats!

Baby fancy rats - day 4

Black hooded babies

Baby fancy rats - day 4

Another colour hooded babies!

Baby fancy rats - day 4

Roan baby

Baby fancy rats - day 4

Pink eyed babies

Baby fancy rats - day 4

The closest I got to a neat line-up!


19 Responses to “Baby rats – day 4”

  1. Tale Says:

    They’re so very cute! 10.6 grams, ai? I believe rats are about 5 grams at birth, so they have already doubled their weight.

    I didn’t quite follow how you happened to get a pregnant doe. Are you helping out a shelter or something?

  2. Laura Says:

    Yes, I fostered 3 girlies from a rescue in Aberdeen, one of which was pregnant. Over 30 rats were removed from a house by the SSPCA, eight of which were pregnant!

  3. Tale Says:

    How good of you. (Over 30 rats? My goodness!)

  4. Emily Says:

    Babies are so cute!
    My rat had babies on Tuesday so I was looking up things on rat babies and found this. CUTE! I have 5 hooded, 3 pink eyed, and 5 dumbos.

  5. sarah Says:

    they were healthy looking little guys i love rats and mice soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  6. Claire Says:

    Oh they’re so cute! I’ve been desperately trying for ages to get rat babies but it never works out…Amazingly unlucky considering how prolific rats are!

  7. Gez Says:

    i want some rats but my dad thinks that there smelly and dirty:(
    i keep on telling him they spend most of there waking life washing themselves but i dont think he believes me:(
    i only will have them over his for the weekend:O

    ah well..:( maybe when im old enough to move out and get my own home:)

    lush rats by the way:)

  8. Charis Says:

    Ive got 9 babies 😉 They are fantastic.

  9. annie Says:

    i really want to help out a shelter like you did and look after some rats – if possible some babies too but i have no idea how to get started. – any advice?

  10. Laura Says:

    Hi Annie, Have put a reply to this as a separate post on the blog. Hope you can find it. Good luck finding somewhere.

  11. jenesys Says:

    are they for sale?

  12. Laura Says:

    Hi, no they aren’t for sale. Not any more anyway! This post is nearly a year old now and they were all rehomed back last year. Thanks for the interest though.

  13. Laura Says:

    Our rat sadly passed away this afternoon. My daughter and I are looking for more indepth information about these tiny creatures so that we may be better able to look after new additions toour family. Your pictures are beatiful. It’s hard to grasp how small they are when they are born. We will be getting 2 new males in a few days. I was told they would be just weened when we get them. Do you have any advice for thier protection while being so young? Any information you can share would be greatly appreciated.

    Thankyou for your site. My daughter and I enjoyed it.


  14. Laura Says:

    Generally rats are weaned between 4.5 – 5 weeks old and normally go to new homes at a minimum of 6 – 7 weeks. The most important thing when they are little is to feed them correctly. They will need a good quality dry mix and extras daily until they are about 12 weeks old. Between 12 – 16 weeks the amount of extras can be reduced until they consist of just fresh veg and a little fruit, additional carbs a few times a week and animal protein or egg as an occassional treat. Veg that is particularly good is curly kale, broccoli, carrots, dandelion leaves. They can also be given cooked pasta, rice, cous couse etc. Nutritous extras for them as kittens are things such as tinned fish (in spring water, not brine), wet puppy food, porridge made with lactol, emp (bird rearing food) and lactol, egg and chicken. There is some fantastic information on diet and feeding on this website:
    Good luck with your new rats and thank you for your comment 🙂

  15. joe Says:

    these little babies are adorible

  16. Eli Says:

    i was thinking about getting a rat, or a mouse. i already have a hamster, but i kind of don’t want it any more. on my research I’ve already found out that rats are better than mice, but there expensive aren’t they? also i was wondering if you made this website. ’cause if you did it looks good. I’ve always tried to design my own, but it costs money… i think… any ways, if you have any answers to my question, you can respond at: thank you 🙂

  17. Sarah Says:

    AAAWW! It makes me so happy to see that other ppl like rats too. my sis got a rat for her birthday and at first I was all like “eew” and “keep it away from me!” but now I totally love it!!! can you tell me how I can donate rats for pet stores? cuz I want to donate rats for petsmart since they’re all out. should I just go ask head first? and could you tell any info that I NEED TO KNOW before trying to breed rats and selling them? because I want to do it correctly. answer back at:

  18. Eli Says:

    wow, i read back at my last comment and i sounded kind of dumb didnt i? haha, well its cus i was mad, but anywyas, Sarah, if you wanted to donate rats you can always f=give them to shelters, were they will most likely be adopted out really fast, becuase people see domestic rats as “exotic” and street rats as “dirty”. so say i were to hand you a bird in a bird cage. and it wasnt acting all syco, you would want to pet it right? but if i handed you a bird that was crazy and dirty, you would think i was crazy and dirty for adopting a wild animal. my point is, that if you ask the animal shelter if they want it, and they say no, you can alwayse give them my reasons. and if that dosnt work, you can go on CraigsList, chances are, they will go just as fast. people everywere are looking for simple ways to entertain themselfes, and to show off, and by getting a weird, or cool pet, is the esiest route. and if THAT dosnt work, you can always put them in an add in the peper, or just give them away free.

  19. callum Says:

    COOL liking the website. Rats are the best ever isn’t it. :):):):):):):):):)

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