Fogwatt and Burmickity

September 23, 2007

Well I have taken a few pictures of the roan girlies I collected from PAWSS. They’re not very good as they’re taken with the flash and these girls do not stay still for 5 minutes.


Fancy rat - roan/husky

female fancy rat - roan

And Burmickity exploring the computer desk. I love her squiffy blaze – such a pity it will fade in time:

Roan/husky fancy rat

Roan/husky fancy rat

I have been free-ranging them on the bed until they figured out how to get off of it and last night were winding up my own girls by squeaking at them though a gap in the perspex barrier. I figured that since they were in contact with each other so if they were going to pass any bugs on they would do anyway I put them in the run with my girls! They all went completely mental and spent about 45 minutes chasing each other round and humping and foofing and boxing at each other! Tinkerbell, Doughnut and Mustard in particular didn’t appreciate these two mad incomers! There were no massive fights though, so I would imagine if they do stay they should be able to all live together. I think they could do with living in a bigger group as they often squabble amongst each other so perhaps would benefit from a few other friends.

They are still taking their antibiotics and the sneezing seems to have got a bit better, though they are still snuffly.


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