My girls

September 23, 2007

What with Sugar and the babies and Fogwatt and Burmickity with their antibiotics and having to free-range them all separately my girlies aren’t getting quite as much attention as they normally do, so here are some recent pics so they don’t feel left out.

fancy rats waiting to come out to play
Lining up on the shelf waiting to come out. (l-r: Treacle, Doughnut, Tinkerbell and Charlotte)

Pepper - mismarked black hooded fancy rat
Pepper waiting patiently to come out. I love her paw resting on the bars. Treacle does this a lot too.

Pepper starfishing
Pepper again – showing off her beautiful tum starfishing up the bars

Fancy rat yawning - Doughnut, mismarked cinnamon hooded
Yay! yawn pic. I love ratty yawn pics and this is the first one i’ve got. This is Doughnut showing off her tongue and her fat tum!


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