Baby rats – day 5

September 25, 2007

Here are yesterday’s baby pics. I’ve not got any yet today – Sugar has been busy feeding them whenever i’ve been to check on her. I weighed them all yesterday too – average 12.5g all weighing either 12g or 13g. Also weighed Sugar, who is 374g which seems pretty good. Thought it mights be good to weigh her too, then I can monitor if she’s getting enough food or if she needs some more of the high protein stuff or anything.

Bay rats - day 5

Roan baby

baby rats - day 5

Black hooded babies

Baby rats - day 5

Lighter hooded babies

Baby rats - day 5

Pink eyed babies

Baby rats - day 5

A pile of babies!

Their fur is just beginning to come through, with the light shining on them, you can see a few tiny strands of hair. Really looking forward to them becoming completely hairy.

I got another cage delivered today for Sugar and babies. It is a Rene 72 which is the same as my spare cage, but slightly smaller and I will move them into this either when their eyes open or when they start moving about, depending on which happens first. It will be around the 14 day mark anyway. It’s so they will have more room to play about and I can hang up a hammock for Sugar to escape into if she wants to. They will also be able to practise climbing up the bars. I will be able to fit water bottles on easier – the tank has been a nightmare for that – Steve ended up drilling a hole in the lid as the hole already in the cage for a bottle was too low for Sugar to drink from comfortably, and it’s held on with two of those sucky hooks you get for hanging shower gel and stuff on!


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