Baby Rats – day 6

September 25, 2007

Weights today varied from 14g to 16g, average 15.4g. Sugar’s weight was 368g, so will give her a bit extra NatureDiet puppy tonight. They suddenly look bigger today, think it might be because their colours are coming through and they aren’t so pink. I can faintly see markings on the pink eyed bubs tonight, so might be able to get them on the photos tomorrow. Here are today’s pics:

Baby rats - day 6

Pile of babies! They were incredibly wriggly today, i’m going to have to put them in a pot to move them and keep them safe. They wouldn’t stay still and kept pushing each other, which was quite funny to watch 🙂

Baby rats - day 6

Black hooded babies

Baby rats - day 6

Lighter coloured hooded babies. I like this picture, the one on the right wouldn’t stay still and kept shoving it’s sibling out the way. The first pic I took it had buried itself underneath the other one, hence doing another one. I think it’s a really cute photo.

baby rats - day 6

Roan baby – it’s a shame this one’s out of focus. The camera must have focused on my hand, not the rat.

Baby rats - day 6

Pink eyed babies! Too wriggly to line up on my hand and getting pretty big too!


2 Responses to “Baby Rats – day 6”

  1. Tale Says:

    Awwww… I think their little baby ears are sooooo cute.

  2. tracey Says:

    they are lush xx

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