I b****y hate computers!

September 26, 2007

Was my cry of woe on Monday evening. There I was happily surfing away when the internet disconnected and whatever I did it wouldn’t connect again. I restarted the PC, turned off the modem, pulled out the plugs – no still wouldn’t work! Grr!

After work yesterday I turned it on and tried again and it still wouldn’t work. So I thought, I’d better check the ratties haven’t been chewing because Burmickity and Fogwatt have been running free in the bedroom once they learned to get off the bed. I started with the phone line… got down by the bed and gave a little pull to see how much I could get a look at without moving the bed, looks ok so far…. another pull, still ok….. another pull and… oh! the end of the cable – the little ‘burgers’ had chewed through the cable completely. Luckily my OH is good at those sorts of things and re-connected the two ends for me. So now Burmickity and Fogwatt are free-ranging with the girls in the play-pen.

Just thought I would share that little story as further proof of the need for rat-proofing.


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