baby rats – day 8

September 27, 2007

Average baby weight = 19.55g (6 x 20g, 5 x 19g), Sugar’s weight = 368g.

They are starting to feel soft today and the colours and markings are more defined on the pink eyed ones. Today’s pics:

Baby rats - day 8

Black hooded babies. I love their little dipstick tails!

baby rats - day 8

Brown hoodeds, still not sure what yet though!

baby rats - day 8

Brown Roan baby

baby rats day 8

Two pink eyed babies, you can just see the colour difference in these two – the one on the right is a more golden colour. I think the one on the left is a roan, it has a very braod stripe and looks like a blaze on his face. I’m not sure on the goldy one – again it has a very broad stripe but I can’t see a blaze. Hmmm??

baby rats - day 8

The other three pink eyed babies. I think these are all hoodies, though some seem to have more defined markings than others. They all seem to be the more grey of the pink eyed colours.

I can’t wait for all their fur to come through, so I can identify their colours properly. I really must get on and sex them too.


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