Rat Show

October 1, 2007

I went to my first rat show on Saturday. It was a joint SRC / NFRS show, held in Livingston. I stayed over at Becky and Scott’s on Friday and Saturday nights to reduce the travelling time from 5 1/2 hours to 3 1/2 hours!

It was quite a good day. I chatted to a few people, spoke to Vicki at Mana Rattery who is the breeder looking after two girls and their litters rescued with Sugar. I’m a little bit shy and because everybody else knew each other I was a bit hesitant about walking up to people and chatting but the few I did speak to were really nice. It was nice to look at the rats, though I didn’t get to cuddle as many as I thought I would and it was hard to look properly at the ones in the show tanks. The judging took longer than what I thought it would so we didn’t stay till the end and the presentations. Vicki helped me organise the agility which was great fun. Most of the rats spent the whole time sniffing and there were a few who got a bit too much ‘help’ along the course! I think I shall have to train a couple of mine – my girls follow my fingers really well so I reckon they’ll be good at it. I’m planning on taking rats next time to enter in the pets class. Not sure which ones yet.

I really would like to get some breeder rats to enter in the varieties classes too. I am really nosy about all the different colours and what makes a good show rat. I would’ve loved to have chatted to the judge but just didn’t have time. I shall have to be brave and volunteer to steward, or perhaps help with the stewarding next time!

I got a cuddle with some mice at the show too! They were dropped off by a mouse breeder to one of the exhibitors as pets. I couldn’t get over how tiny they were and how huuuge their ears were in comparison to the rest of them. They were very friendly and very cute.


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