Baby rats – day 14

October 3, 2007

Average Kitten weight = 37.64g (37g – 40g). Sugar’s weight = 378g

I haven’t got any photos today as my camera battery has died šŸ˜¦ . A few more of the babies have little eyes, about half I reckon and they are starting to move around the cage more. When they all have their eyes open i’m going to let them out on the bed and see if theyĀ go for a wander. They are happy climbing on me, one of the champagne hoody girls was headingĀ up my sleeve earlier. Awww! They also climb onto my hand off of the scales, so hopefully that’s an early sign of being friendly little ratties.

I’m really please with how they’re getting on. Most websites reckon that they should be about 30 – 35g at 2 weeks and all of them are over that already. I’m also really pleased there isn’t a runt. I know she only had 11 which isn’t a huge number for a ratĀ but i’m still pleased with how they’re getting on. I’m looking forward now to them going into the bigger cage (probably on Saturday) and watching them running around and playing like mini rats.Ā 


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