October 4, 2007

Average Kitten weight = 38.27g (37g – 41g), Sugar’s weight = 373g (ish)

After all my bragging yesterday the babies don’t seem to have put on much weight today at all! Oh well, it’s still a small increase. Perhaps they’ve been using up all their energy opening their eyes. They all have little eyes now and are starting to peer about. They are so cute. When I take them out to weigh them they’ve all been charging up my arm.

I have finished the choosing your rats page on the website and have written a small article on genetics. Just very basic as i’m still learning myself. I’ve not added it to the site yet – probably tomorrow.

The babies are now on the Fancy Rats re-homing forum, so fingers crossed I get some enquiries. I’m also planning on putting them on the NFRS website and when i’ve got some cute piccies of them when they’re a bit bigger i’m going to put a poster in the vets. I’m a bit worried that I won’t get any interest because of where I am , but I am willing to travel to meet people. There just seems to be so few Scottish ratty people out there, particularly up here in the far north. Oh well, we shall see. If I can’t find them homes. I’ll just have to keep them!


One Response to “Updates”

  1. Tale Says:

    I hope all babies will find new homes, I’m sure they will. And if not, they will be very well off staying with you.

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