Baby rats – day 16

October 5, 2007

I didn’t get round to weighing the baby rats today – I was too busy watching them instead! They have just discovered what legs are for! They were moving round a lot so I moved them into the bigger barred cage this evening. I also let them out for 5 minutes on the bed. My nerves couldn’t cope with any longer – they move surprisingly quick for rats that has only just learned to walk. Some were off up the bed and I was terrified they’d fall off but I had to be careful reaching to get them in case I squashed the ones sat on my lap, the ones on my lap headed off up the inside of my fleece and in my sleeves, or up the outside and sat on my shoulder, then I leaned forward and two came swinging down in my hair that I hadn’t even realise were up there – far too stressful! Tomorrow I will let them out in the play pen – I need to work out a way of stopping Sugar getting on the girl’s cage and winding them up, then she can have a decent run too. She won’t stay on the bed, so I can’t let her out and watch 11 little monsters too.

They seem to like the new cage – a couple of the babies have already got up to the top of the bars, so I don’t reckon Sugar will be safe in her hammock for long. She seems to like the hammock – she’s been led in it, just getting out for food. They’re going to have puppy natur diet for tea so I’m looking forward to seeing how many of the babies have a bit of food – a couple of them were sat in the food bowl earlier, so I don’t reckon it will be long before they’re eating big rat’s food!

Anyway, Steve’s back tomorrow so I can borrow his camera and get some photos of the little cuties.


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