Baby rats – day 17

October 7, 2007

Average kitten weight = 44.36g (42g – 47g)

The baby rats are starting to eat solid food. They’ve had a bowl of moist Nature’s Menu puppy food in the cage but they seem to prefer crunching on the dried pasta and rat nuggets – silly babies. Two of them were sat in the food bowl eating banana earlier which was cute. Even though there is plenty of food they are already squabbling over it. One little rat will take some back to the nest to eat and the rest will all pounce and fight them for the food, accompanied my huge amounts of squeaking! One was trying to reach the water bottle earlier so I’ve lowered it down and i’m going to add a bottle of lactol to the cage too. I’m not sure if there little tongues are strong enough yet to move the ball but at least they can have a try if they can reach it!

Steve had been away since Wednesday so yesterday was the first time he’d seem them with eyes. He can’t get over how cute they are, bless! They are lovely – just like rats in miniature lol. They have mad bursts of energy for about 5 – 10 minutes then all of a sudden go to sleep. Already there are a few that are real explorers – the black hoodies are lazy little things while the mink and champagne hoodies are far more active, particularly a couple of the champagne hoodies – mini Charlottes Steve calls them.

I got an email yesterday about two of the girls – a lady in Edinburgh wants a black hoodie and the champagne roan. I’ve sent her a few questions to answer and agreed that I would be happy to travel to Edinburgh. Hopefully if it all comes off and people are aware i’m going that way it might encourage a few more people along the route. I was pleasantly surprised to get an enquiry so quickly!


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