Baby rats – day 19

October 9, 2007

  • Average Kitten weight day 18 = 51g (48g – 55g)
  • Average kitten weight day 19 = 54.9g (53g – 61g)

I did take photos yesterday but they were crap, so I tried again today and got some better ones and a video. I need to resize and upload them so will post them later.

As you can see baby rats are still doing well. They’ve been eating really well, they’re getting soft food and a bowl of veg twice a day and eating nearly all of it. They had mash yesterday made of EMP and Vitalin soaked in Lactol which they really liked. They also had broccoli and cauliflower yesterday for the first time and that all got eaten too. I have one little chunky, who is about 4 – 5g ahead of the others weight-wise! They can reach the water bottle now and are drinking the water, though they ignored the lactol which I thought was odd, my big girls go nuts for it.

Two girlies are reserved and I have had a couple of enquiries about the boys but nothing definite yet, pending transport being sorted and questionnaires being filled in. Steve decided last night that he wants to keep two of the boys, which may end up being three depending on new homes for the others. He’s now started showing an interest in them, now they’re cute and cuddly and come out to play – I should’ve known he’d want to keep some – he’s worse than me!


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