Baby rats – day 22

October 12, 2007

Average kitten weight = 68.82g (65g – 81g), Sugar’s weight = 345g

I cannot believe how much these rats are eating! They have a bowl of grain mix, a bowl of soft high protein food and a bowl of fruit & veg and they each have to be filled twice a day. I’m trying to remember to keep my receipts and keep track of what i’m spending on them but i keep forgetting. Hopefully I should be able to work out a general idea though. The chunky silver fawn boy is still the biggest – he’s the 81g – the nearest to him is 70g! They’re all getting on fine and are ever so friendly, as soon as anyone comes in the room, they’re climbing up the bars and coming to the door.

All the baby boys now have homes, so just three baby girls to home now. If anyone just wants two though that’s not a problem as one can stay here with Sugar. I’ve been working all day the last couple of days so not had a chance to get any photos, but hopefully will be able to get some tomorrow afternoon.


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