New toys for baby rats

October 14, 2007

Average kitten weight day 23 (yesterday) = 78.64g. Sugar’s weight = 365g.

Today was ratty clean-out day in my house. Sometimes I feel like I spend all my time cleaning out animals – I clean out the pets at work Monday to Friday, this week I did Saturday too then came home and cleaned out the bunnies, then today I did the three rat cages. By next Sunday I will have four cages. The babies are being split from mum – they’ll be 4.5 weeks old, so i’ll have my Tommy T3 with my original 6 girls in, a Jenny that Burmickity, Fogwatt and Sugar will be living in, the baby boys are going in the Rene 82 and the baby girls will stay in the Rene 72. I’m looking at cages for the boys to stay in permanently at the moment. We’re now keeping 3, as one of the prospective homers can no longer take her two, so Hannah who originally wanted three is now having three again and we are keeping three here.

I added a few new things to the baby’s cage today. It has been a bit bare as I’ve read that rats aren’t as friendly if they’re given lots of hiding spaces so they’ve had a hammock and a Terry’s Chocolate Orange box to play in up until today. I put an extra hammock in today, a Savic Sputnik, a wooden bridge thing and a Lactol tin as a bed. They’ve been chewing the cage, so I put in the wooden thing in the hope they’ll chew that instead of the cage. They seem to like the Sputnik – there’s a big pile of babies (6 I think!) squidged in it now! Sugar and a baby black hoodie are cuddled up together in the hammock – aww, bless.

I will try and get some more piccies tomorrow.


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