Another ratty video & Sputnik pics.

October 16, 2007

I did another vid of the rat babies today – Baby rats. That’s what happens when the door opens on their cage.

It is an excellent vid showing how friendly they are. Just after I stopped filming, one of the girls fell off my arm and went under the chest of drawers. I could see her under there just staying still, so I put their Lactol tin from the cage on the floor and poked her towards it, then scooped up the tin quick when she went in. I was really surprised when she climbed straight out the tin and up my arm once i’d picked the tin up – I thought she would be stressed and scared and want to hide – but they’re obviously pretty relaxed, confident ratties, which is good! They spend a lot of time beating each other up at the moment, just pinging at each other and wrestling and squeaking.

I also took some pics of them all squished in the sputnik. At one point there were 10 of them in there. It’s not really that big – they’re designed as Hamster houses. The pics aren’t great as I had to take them through the bars, but they’re still amusing! Just look at the bums and tails hanging out the sides:

10 baby pet rats crammed in a Savic Sputnik

10 Baby pet rats crammed in a Savic Sputnik

10 baby pet rats crammed in a Savic Sputnik


One Response to “Another ratty video & Sputnik pics.”

  1. Tale Says:

    So cute! 😀

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