Baby rats split from Mum

October 21, 2007

I feel like a horrible person today – the baby rats have been removed from Sugar and split into boys and girls. I know they’re old enough and it needs to be done to prevent more rats needing homes, but I just keep thinking of those baby boys that can never play with their sisters or Mum again 😦 . I don’t think they’ve even noticed though – I guess things like that don’t effect animals the way they do people (well, not rats anyway!).

I spent this afternoon cleaning and re-arranging cages. Sugar has been moved into the newly Japlac’ed Jenny cage with Burmickity and Fogwatt. That took a while to set up because I had some new bits to go in there and had to set it up from scratch, and it always takes me ages organising a new lay-out. They seem quite happy in there, though Sugar was being a bit argumentative while they were out playing and whenever i’ve been in to check on them she’s been by herself with the other two either climbing the bars or asleep together in the house. I’m not too worried yet though, it’s always taken a day or two for new rats to be snuggled up with the rest and they only spent about 2 days together when they first arrived here before Sugar went into the birthing tank.

The baby boys have been moved into the Rene 82 which Burmickity and Fogwatt were in and the baby girls have stayed in the Rene 72. The boys have more room than the girls but there are more of them and it’s only a fortnight until three boys and two girls go off to new homes anyway.

All three cages have now been moved out of our bedroom too. The baby rats were just making too much noise at night and keeping my OH awake and the Jenny won’t fit in our room, so we’ve gone back to just having Charlotte and co in the Tommy in our room. Even I have to admit it looks a lot tidier now in our bedroom! The spare room has now taken on the temporary role of ‘rat room’.

Here are some piccies of the newly cleaned out cages today:

Ferplast Jenny rat cage

The Jenny. I Japlac’ed the bars as they were a little bit rusty and i’m pretty pleased with it. It could do with another coat but if all goes to plan regarding cages it will only be temporary anyway.

Rene 72 Rat cage

Baby girl rat’s cage.

Rene 82 Rat cage

The baby boy rat’s cage. You can see the size difference between this and the girls cage that is sat on top. Please remember neither of these cages are suitable as permanent homes for healthy adult rats.


One Response to “Baby rats split from Mum”

  1. April Says:

    Hello. You have very beautiful rats! their cages are very nice and you seem like a great rat owner!! best wishes

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