Rat pile and the vets

October 24, 2007

I am pleased to report that Sugar, Burmickity and Fogwatt are all snuggled up together. They are led in the litter tray – but that’s rats for you! I’m really pleased about that, as I was a bit worried they were never going to be friends and I was feeling really sorry for poor Sugar, always by herself.

I went to the vets yesterday with Burmickity and Treacle. They are both a bit snuffly. Burmickity never really recovered from the snuffles when she arrived. She stopped sneezing but her breathing is clicky and now Treacle has exactly the same thing. Got sent home by the vet with more Baytril. I will have to work out a dose for them. He said 0.1ml twice a day, but that was what I gave Burmickity and Treacle’s heavier than she is. Luckily he didn’t seem too bothered that I’d gone and upped the dose myself last time! Just to say I wouldn’t normally change the dosage on medication, but I really don’t think my vet see’s many rats and the dosage information I got is from a source I trust absoloutely.

It was also really nice that Treacle and Burmickity went to the vets together in the same carrier without any trouble. They were even cuddled up together by the time I got back. Bless.


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