The Rat Room

October 31, 2007

I think I said before that part of our garage/workshop/shed has been partitioned off as a rat room/studio for me and the ratties. We moved in at the weekend. It’s really quite nice, it has two windows so has natural daylight and has central heating and a little convector heater that comes on during the day when it gets too cold.

I have kept a whole end of the room for a play pen for the rats so they have more room to run around and I actually spend more time with them now as I am out there drawing. They are having to get used to free-range during the day and not in the evening though! They are a little bit nervy at the moment because of the change of scenery but are slowly getting more confident. My big girls are fine apart from being jumpy at loud noises but the babies are quite nervous. When I get into the pen with them they hide in the tubes rather than come to me like they used to, so I have been spending time with them in the evenings just cuddling them in my clothes and climbing all over me so build up their confidence again.

Three boys and two girls were meant to be going to Edinburgh this weekend to go to their new mums but my car needs fixing again. It has a problem with turbo gaskets and no-one wants to fix it! So I have had to postpone the trip until next weekend. Bloody cars!!

Here are some pics of the rat room:

pet rat play area

The play pen end. The cage is the Jenny that Fogwatt, Burmickity and Sugar were in. It is going to be home to our three boys when the other babies go to new homes and there is room for it with the rest of the cages.

pet rat cages

The cages

my pet portrait 'studio'

My ‘studio’ bit.

It’s lovely to have a room of my own and I am really looking forward to spreading out my stuff and making a mess and not bothering anyone else! I still have a load of books and folders and bits to move out there, then the shelves will be totally full!


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