Rat fight!

November 3, 2007

Pepper and Fogwatt decided they didn’t like each other today and had a fight during free-range time. It was a fairly big fight, involving them rolling around on the floor and making a lot of noise! I couldn’t see any wounds though and they seemed ok once they went back into the cage so i’m not too worried. I think the funniest thing though was the reaction from the other girls. They all came over to watch and then when they’d finished a few of them – Mustard in particular – went up to Pepper and started fussing over her, touching her and grooming her and following her round. I could imagine them all going, “wow, you showed her, are you ok…” etc etc! Pepper was all foofed up – she looked like a big furry snowball, they make me laugh when they do that. She also blocked the end of a tube and refused to let Fogwatt out, sidling up to the tube and doing little karate kicks at her. As I said, I couldn’t find any wounds and I do find them quite amusing when they have these little tiffs for no reason – typical stroppy girls!


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