The Rat Tea Tray

November 7, 2007

Since the babies were split into separate cage I have had an awful lot of food bowls to fill every day, so instead of walking backwards and forwards (especially now they’re outside) I put their bowls on a tray. For whatever reason this amuses me – this tray full of bowls and waterbottles! Here is a piccy:

rat tea

Tonight the baby rats had a bowl of wholemeal bread soaked in lactol and a bowl of apple and carrot per cage. The little bottles with the white stuff in is lactol. The girls had a whole carrot which goes into their veg holder and wholemeal toast and apple in their fresh food bowl. The bag at the back is curly kale, which the babies had a handful of per cage. There is also clean water per baby rat cage and two for the big cage. They have two in case one stops working and now there are nine in there they do drink a lot and there is a small chance of them drinking a whole bottle. As well as the fresh food they all have a bowl of Shunamite grain mix as well.


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