Bad weekend

November 13, 2007

I haven’t posted on here for a while – not because there’s nothing happening but because there’s too much happening! They say everything happens in 3’s and it has this weekend!

1) My big girls had been squabbling quite a bit between the original six and Sugar and co, particularly Tinkerbell, Fogwatt and Pepper. I had them out Saturday night and there was a load of squeaking but I didn’t take too much notice and they can be a bit dramatic. Then I was about to start putting them back in their cage when Steve says, ” what’s that on Doughnut?” and she’s got a huge tear in her side – it’s an inch long and pulls open when she moves to show all the muscle underneath.

Steve was his usual helpful self and went all queasy so me and his mum took her up the vets. That was fun! First he tried to give her a local anaesthetic but I couldn’t hold her still enough, then we went through to the operating room and she escapes up my sleeve, so, knowing i’d never get her out in a strange place I took off my jumper and we sealed off the sleeve and held her in there while she was sedated with gas. She had two staples in her wound and a shot of amoxycillin and that was that!

She managed to pull one of the staples out on Sunday, but it had already started healing. I knew they healed quick but it still amazed me quite how quick. She’s indoors in a plastic tank style cage with Treacle for company and i’m planning on putting them back outside in a couple of days.

The worst thing about this is the only rat I saw fighting with Doughnut was Tinkerbell, who is her sister. I have now put Sugar, Fogwatt and Burmickity back into the Jenny and hope that they will all calm down. They’re still free-ranging together and all seem ok at the moment, but there’s only Mustard and Tinks in the big cage at the moment. The reason? Check out story number two…….


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