Fatty Ratties!

November 17, 2007

I weighed the babies yesterday, just as a matter of interest. They were eight weeks old on Thursday and the boys especially are getting really big. The girls aren’t growing nearly as much, i’m hoping this is normal. So, at 8 weeks, 1 day, fatty ratties weigh:


  • Rupert (black hoody, keeping) – 329g
  • Jools (black hoody, keeping) – 315g
  • Charlie (Champagne hoody, keeping) – 300g
  • Ottis (Silver fawn, for Hannah) – 375g(!)
  • Jango (Mink hoody, for Hannah) – 296g
  • Remy (Mink roan, for Hannah) – 303g


  • Mink hoody (for Roger) – 205g
  • Champagne hoody (for Roger) – 225g
  • Champagne hoody (for Roger) – 249g
  • Black hoody (for Elizabeth) – 222g
  • Champagne roan (for Elizabeth) – 237g

So, as you can see, Ottis is still enormous compared to the rest, I think he’s going to be a big boy. I don’t know how big my girls were when they were that age, as they never got weighed. Doughnut was about 270g at 10 weeks, so I guess the baby girls’ weights are about right. I also weighed my own big girls, so here they are, for comparison:

  • Charlotte – 403g
  • Pepper – 318g (lost weight through illness)
  • Treacle – 393g
  • Mustard – 281g
  • Tinkerbell – 403g (pre-spay)
  • Doughnut – 384g
  • Fogwatt – 310g
  • Sugar – 381g (pre spay)
  • Burmickity – 304g

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