Making friends

November 18, 2007

I currently have Steve’s parents staying with us which is great (and i’m not just saying this in case they read it!). Steve’s mum has always been quite fascinated by the rats and thinks they are incredibly spoiled and laughed at me with the tea tray! Yesterday, she came into the rat room with a cup of tea (see, I told you she’s great 🙂 ) and the baby girls were out playing. It took a matter of seconds before all five of them were coming over, sniffing her shoes and her jeans, then one of the champagne hoodies climbed up her jeans, all up her back and sat on her shoulder. Bett got a bit worried that she might fall off so put her back on the floor, so up she climbed again, soon joined by the other champagne hooded girl. Well, Bett was in love – I am quite sure if they didn’t already have homes they would’ve been off back to Wiltshire. She was amazed at how friendly they were compared to my older girls.

As well as it being ever so cute, I was also really pleased at how confident the babies were – proof that early handling does help I guess.

Steve remembered last night that the garage had spoken to him Friday and my part is in for the car, so i’m another step closer to delivering the babies to their new homes.


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