I thought rats were meant to be intelligent….

November 23, 2007

However I don’t think my baby girls are! Since splitting up Sugar and her group from my other girls Sugar and co have been in the Jenny which is in the play area. I don’t like it being there as the other rats can get on the cage and stress out Sugar, Fogwatt and Burmickity causing argurments between them.

The baby girls insist on climbing on the cage, even though they are angrily squeaked and foofed at. I always though rats were supposed to be clever and be able to understand the consequences of their actions, so you would have thought they would stay away from the cage containing the angry, squeaking beasties! But no…. they continue to climb on it, until baby black hoody gets grabbed hold of through the bars by Sugar’s sharp teeth. Sugar eventually lets go and the poor baby escapes. Both one of her front and one of her back feet are bleeding, poor wee thing. It stops quickly though and she was still bouncing about. To try and stop it happening again, we’ve lifted the cage off the floor onto a crate.

However, idiot rats have seen this as a challenge and still insist on getting onto the cage, presumably purely by jumping as the cage is bigger than the crate so they can’t climb up. Another of the babies got bitten the other day, this time by Fogwatt, but there was no blood this time. I guess I will just have to watch them closer – they’re obviously not going to learn!!


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