Vibrating rats and an honourary rat

December 1, 2007

One of the funniest things female rats do is vibrate when they’re in season. Some will just vibrate their ears and some will vibrate all over. The other evening Doughnut was in season and when climbing about out of the cage went and sat on the boys cage. When they came to sniff her (through the bars!!), she sat stock still and vibrated her ears madly at them! I find it sooo funny and so incredibly weird as well.

It’s my second favourite thing to boggling, which Doughnut also did today – she’s such a lovely, calm, happy rat and so gentle. One of the boys came and sniffed her today through the bars of her cage and instead of squeaking and biting like Pepper or Treacle would, she just sniffed him and put her hand out and touched him, just saying hello.

I have a new rodent in the rat room – a Hamster. His name is Elvis and he’s speckly pale grey colour. He came from work as he has a sore eye. He’s had the bad eye since the end of August and he’s been on various types of eye drops but nothing’s worked and the vet said the only options left were surgery to remove the eye or to PTS. His eye is basically gungy. The vet can find no sign of injury or infection. I brought him home to try the eye drops again – because he was meant to be getting hypromellose eye drops three times a day and he was lucky if he got them twice a day, basically because I was the only one giving them to him! So, fingers crossed!

He’s sooo lazy – he’s been in his wheel once (that i’ve seen anyway) and he just had a little stroll and other than that he’s just in his bed all day. He’s very cute, but just not nearly as much fun as the ratties.


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